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Social and emotional intelligence in everyday life from the perspective of neuroscience.

For those who are interested in the value of negative emotions - I invite you to join our workshop focusing on emotional agility.

In our endless search for happiness, we are unable to realize that what we label as negative emotions are just a natural part of our lives and that we have evolved a wide range of emotions for a reason. The more we suppress what we feel, the worse we can feel in an on-going cycle. The happiness industry is now a multi-million-dollar industry - selling us videos, books, online tutorials and supplements’ in endless supply, however, are they selling false optimism all too often? 

So how to deal with negative emotions in the era of “put the smile back on your face”? Come and join me in a discussion about reasons why we should embrace our negative emotions - paradoxically to help us live a happier and more meaningful life. Small hint for you… I will share with you based on the latest neuroscience research why visualizing your goals and repeating your affirmations can actually have a detrimental effect and even worse be counterproductive.

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