Interactive on-line educational programme

for companies.

At Brainery On-line we focus on the development of "Future skills" competencies for your employees and teach them to think more comprehensively, more critically, understand human behavior, manage tense situations, their own emotional world and think beyond established standards and adaptively.


The content reflects current trends and needs and so provides you with scientifically based, multi-disciplinary knowledge which can be put into practice with immediate effect.

Olivia delivers the programme in an attractive online environment as relaxing and effective as if it were live and face to face; the experience is truly „Home 2 Home“.


You can choose from 5 modules and all the content is based on the latest knowledge from the behavioural sciences and neurobiology. We follow the motto: „If we go against our own biology, we cannot succeed“.

Olivia H
Olívia Hurbanová
Lecturer of the year 2018
Olívia teaches:


learning through platforms Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

3 hours

of interactive company workshop per module.

Scientific knowledge

based on studies from universities - Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard and others.


The development of competences defined by us is crucial not only in our opinion, but in that of renowned world media like Fortune 500 and the Institute for the Future as well. In a globalized world full of information, it is not easy to know how to select from the amount of information what is useful and relevant and then use it in an innovative way. All of this creates a demand for critical and adaptive thinking and the ability to decide correctly. In a period of information explosion, it is necessary to learn how to work with cognitive overload, attention, memory and stress. Higher levels of robotization, which begins to threaten even the middle class, creates pressure on an absolutely crucial skill of development of creative thinking and innovations. The skill to think like this will not guarantee success on its own; you have to know how to sell yourself. Your negotiation skills, knowledge of behavioural sciences, your emotional and social intelligence, which is easier to develop as opposed to classic intelligence, can help here.


Each of the developed skills has its weight, but only a mutual functional synergy and interlinking these skills will allow you to see and understand the world in its complexity and thus create a true added value for you and your company.



Human decision-making, critical thinking and science of persuasion.


Flexible work with your own emotional and thought world instead of emotional rigidity.


Adaptive thinking from neuroscience 



What neuroscience teaches us about stress and its management.

What neuroscience teaches us about creative thinking and cognitive flexibility.

"We have approached Highbrõws to support us in further development of the Future Ready Skills initiative we have been running within our company. Their unique concepts based on scientific backgrounds offer a new perspective on the well-known challenging topics and invite to think differently. From building up the content till its marketing we appreciated and enjoyed the highly professional collaboration, focusing on our challenges and their creative addressing."

swiss re.png

Lucia Groneova

Head of HR Bratislava, Swiss Re

Brainery Quarantine




1 Module - 3 hours of on-line interactive science based learning

for max. 15 employees. EN language.

2100 €

(140 €/employee)


If you have the courage, join us and maybe like us you will discover that you know much less than you assumed, but you understand a little more.


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