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This is a unique programme aimed at developing the potential of current and future pedagogical staff – at universities, secondary schools and primary schools. We teach a deeper understanding of human behaviour, more complex thinking, critical thinking skills and how to observe the world around us in a more tolerant way.


Brainery is based on the latest knowledge from the behavioral sciences and neurobiology. At the same time, it applies the most effective forms of learning, it is interactive, uses virtual reality and certified "game based learning" tools. The aim of the programme is the practical application of innovative knowledge and methods in educational and managerial practice.

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Olívia is a positive skeptic, lecturer and author of the Future Skills concept. She teaches in Slovakia, abroad and on campus. Her brainpower helps clients like IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Swiss Re, Allianz, PWC and many other companies. In February 2019 she was awarded the Lecturer of the Year title with a record 21 nominations for her extensive effort in the field of education.

Olívia Hurbanová
Lecturer of the year 2018
Olivia Hurbanova skolenie


Not only in our opinion, but also according to renowned global institutions such as the Fortune 500 and the Institute for the Future, the development of skills and competencies that are part of the Brainery programme is crucial. An environment full of change, uncertainty and innovation demands that the teacher should be proficient not only in technology but also a socially skilled facilitator and be able to bring and apply new methods and trends to the educational process, to unite the group and create an environment in which students can fully develop their talents and potential. The basic and absolutely necessary equipment of the teacher should be adaptive and innovative thinking, social and emotional intelligence, excellent presentation skills and the ability to handle stressful situations. At the same time, the constant influx of new scientific knowledge creates pressure on critical thinking and the ability to constantly learn, absorb new knowledge, verify it, revise it, and apply it up-to-date and relevant to its practice. At the time of the information explosion, it is necessary to learn to work with cognitive overload, attention, memory and stress. The Brainery programme uses latest knowledge from a wide range of scientific disciplines and offers 21st century education for both educators and students.



These phenomena form and radically change our society and they exert pressure to develop specific skills.

*Source, IFTF, Future Work Skills 2030


Globalization and migration

detektor lzi

Information overload 



and robotization


Each of the developed skills has its weight, but only a mutual functional synergy and interlinking these skills will allow you to see and understand the world in its complexity and thus create a true added value for you and your company.

Každá z rozvíjaných zručností v jednotlivých vzdelávacích moduloch má svoju váhu, ale len vzájomné funkčné synergie a prepájanie týchto zručností vám umožnia vidieť a chápať svet v jeho komplexnosti a vytvoriť tak skutočnú pridanú hodnotu pre vás i pre vašu spoločnosť.




Human decision-making, critical thinking and science of persuasion.


Emotional agility and social intelligence in everyday life from the perspective of neuroscience.


ZEN principles transformed into speech. Conversational intelligence and storytelling.


Myths and cognitive distortions in negotiations.

What neuroscience teaches us about creative thinking and change.

"The university is currently moving away from merely providing our students with facts and information.  For young people today, gaining real-world experience is far more important.  They are sensitive to quality time, and place high value on excellence and appreciation.  Olivia engaged with the students with the fascinating multidisciplinary concept of „Future Skills“. 
In this way the students acquired skills and competencies that were immediately useable in practice.  We invited her to a major international event where she delivered a workshop to the academics of our partner universities. Using her knowledge of neurobiology, she explored with them a range of possibilities for the management and development of creativity.Their feedback was excellent. Learning with Olivia means the acquisition of contemporary multidisciplinary knowledge with high application value, all delivered in a very engaging form."

Jana Blstakova

Jana Blštáková, PhD

Associate professor, 

Vice-dean University of Economic in Bratislava

studenti EUBA


If you have the courage, join us and maybe like us you will discover that you know much less than you assumed, but you understand a little more.

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