The Neuroscience of Creativity - based on the latest scientific data.

Creative thinking is not exclusive to the world of creativity. Elastic thinking or cognitive flexibility is an absolute necessity in a world of information overload and constant changes and innovations. Based on powerful insights from evolutionary biology and latest knowledge of neuroscience you will learn how to develop your creative thinking.

We will also understand how our biology naturally reacts to changes and how to design and initiate them so we can get through them more easily and so that they are accepted positively.

Did evolution favour creative people? What traits make them different from ordinary people and how to develop them in ourselves? What ecosystem to create around ourselves and in our heads for creativity to thrive? You will learn all of this in Brainery on-line class.

Olívia Hurbanová
Lecturer of the year 2018
Olívia teaches:


learning through 

Zoom platform.

3 hours

of interactive workshop

in a small group.

Scientific knowledge

based on studies from universities - Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard and others.

"In these uncertain times, when only the most innovative and adaptable will survive, we realize that more than ever we as a company need to develop human capital, teach people to think beyond established standards and provide them with a professional guide from an external environment that offers a different perspective and will help us meet the current challenges. That's why we have chosen Brainery Quarantine."

 Martina Hudáková

Learning & Development Manager, Uniqa Poisťovňa


17th November

3 hours of on-line interactive science based learning

with award winning lecturer in English language.

350 €


If you have the courage, join us and maybe like us you will discover that you know much less than you assumed, but you understand a little more.


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