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BRAINERY - Skills of the Future

Evening school where you can learn Future Skills with award-winning lecturer Olívia.

In Brainery we focus on the development of key competences for the future, which teach us to think more comprehensively, think more critically, understand human behaviour and see the world around us in a more tolerant way.

The course content is based on the latest knowledge from the behavioural, social sciences and neurobiology.


Brainery takes 10 weeks and consists of 5 modules: Human decision-making and critical thinking, Emotional and social intelligence, Cognitive distortions in negotiations, Science of persuasion, Creative and adaptive thinking, Conversational intelligence, storytelling and public demeanor.

In addition to interactive lectures there is a variety of exercises, tests, certified games and discussions. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

Olívia teaches:
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Olívia is a positive skeptic, lecturer and author of the Future Skills concept. She teaches in Slovakia, abroad and on campus. Her brainpower helps clients like IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Swiss Re, Allianz, PWC and many other companies. In February 2019 she was awarded the Lecturer of the Year title with a record 21 nominations for her extensive effort in the field of education.

Olívia Hurbanová
Lecturer of the year 2018


The development of competences defined by us is crucial not only in our opinion, but in that of renowned world media like Fortune 500 and the Institute for the Future as well. In a globalised world overloaded with information, how can we identify what is useful and relevant and then maximise its use in an innovative way?  We need to use critical and adaptive thinking to develop the ability to make the best choices.  Faced with an information explosion, we need to learn how to work under cognitive overload and how to deal with issues such as focus, memory and stress.  Increasing robotization is even beginning to threaten  the middle-class, putting pressure on crucial skills: the development of creative thinking and innovation.  These skills alone are no guarantee of success.  The ability to sell yourself, your negotiation skills, your knowledge of behavioural science and your emotional and social intelligence all have a vital role to play.

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